Aldi raises expectations for health grocers in 2017

This weekend my wife and I took a trip to Aldi's. In part to verify and test the rumors which I had been hearing off and on about the new focus on healthier products. It was a satisfying experience and was really probably one of the most affordable healthy food stores I have visited.

Some places I also enjoy shopping are Sprouts and Trader Joe's. Sometimes I enjoy stopping in at Whole Foods, most likely to pick up some already cooked seafood. Trader Joe's and Sprouts are normally my go to places when I want to stock up on discount healthy foods.

I made my first visit to Aldi's in a while this weekend. Although I had been hearing through many sources that they have been making big moves at the beginning of 2017 to reduce the amount of herbicides allowed within their store. At first I thought it was a complete ban of glyphosate but it was actually a ban on some other chemicals that specifically target pollinating insects. While this is a step in the right direction, they also have upped their game and expanded their organic sections of produce and meat. This would be glyphosate free and a little more.

Aldis is rather inexpensive, even more so than it's better known sister store Trader Joe's.

Cheaper than Walmart.
25 cents to use, refunded when the cart is returned.

Did you know the same owners also own Trader Joe's?

In Europe, Aldi's is taking things a little further. For the products that are not organic Aldi is settings its own rules for glyphosate concentration and they are applying a much stricter level.

Very commendable, strong way to bring new users and to look out for the better interest of consumers! Bring your own bags when you come to visit. They don't bag your food or give out samples, this is a really lean store.


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