Labeling in the pipeline – Cancer Warning

Forced to release information to the public, by request of a judge.

Monsanto has beenĀ faced with some difficult questions and explanations. A little taken off balance. This seems like a first time in a long time, they were not in complete control.

A judge in California has ruled that Roundup should be labeled as a cancer causing product. Labeling will be enforced one year after the official warning, if not reversed before.

Many documents are being released to show the lack of transparency and possible collusion with soon to retire EPA officials.

Even NPR is talking about it:

Of course we are just watching and waiting, it seems to a very hot topic. Where people are very split and one doesn't see large company like Monsanto not get its way very often. The case could cause a dealer in their merger with Bayer.

It may be due for Roundup to gain some visibility in the eyes of the public and to consider not trusting marketing, news stations, and even some corrupt government officials. There are emails being shown in court that provide some insight to an ongoing campaign to diffuse and discredit anyone who tries to study their product and its possibly link to its rise of in use across the world since the 70s and exponentials use since the 90s. We have roundup and glyphosate in most of us, in a lot of the rain and water. It's everywhere now, it's getting cheaper and being applied more while more plants become resistant.

Let's stop and consider if and when we need to re-evaluate our agriculture practices.

Our government officials likely have their hands in the honeypot so to speak. When working to confront a topic like Roundup. The worlds most used ag chemical, you had better be prepared to be mugged by farmers, sued by Monsanto, and discredited by scientists being paid from the hands of Monsanto and friends.

This article is hyped up, but has some good points..

SFGATE has a little history on the argument over labeling with Monsanto

There are some contrary beliefs, by different groups. I trust the ones who have nothing to gain or lose.

Fox News is talking about it.

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