I have been doing a lot of personal research to become a better human recently. I find myself reading hundreds of pages of information a night. So I decided that I should keep those thoughts somewhere. Hence I created this blog.

Today I was reading about the following:

Here is a very recent article depicting some of the the events unfolding in the San Francisco ‘Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma’ residents versus Monsanto.

The basic underlying claims are:

Is there any substance behind the observation that long term exposure or ingestion of glyphosate on food or in the water can cause cancer or be carcinogenic?

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in roundup, which is the most used agricultural chemical across the world.

The chemical name is barely spoken about, however we all likely ingest it every day.

Would the world be a different place if they place surgeon general warnings on our food?

To be continued..

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