To eat gluten or not to eat, that is the question.

Gluten free has been a very high trending topic that is going on right now.

I hope that many who have stopped consuming gluten, might actually reconsider and start with gluten and specifically non-glyphosate gluten.

Much of our food, including gluten free food is covered in roundup or sprayed multiple times.

There are likely two misconceptions:

One being that consumers think that gluten free is healthy. However the same companies that used and distribute food containing glyphosate continued rolling in the dough during the 'gluten free' campaigns. In fact they were able to just swap some ingredients and make higher margins.

The other might be the feeling that some receive is because they are intolerant. What they may come to find is that they can eat food without the residue and feel just as good.

Recently posted to youtube, with around 8,000 views.

Gluten-free foods SCAM? Found loaded with GLYPHOSATE

Posted two years ago with over 100,000 views.

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