Who to trust, trust no one?

Every one has some sort of Bias.

To build upon the recent topics we have been following I would like to share one of the people whom I have been following for quite some time. He has a lot of material out there about grass fed animals and the types retribution that glyphosate can cause he is a pathogen expert from Purdue.

Don Huber is very knowledgeable guy. I am sure that he upholds some thoughts that may be too strong for some.

I think he is one of many who are able to speak the truth now.

Check out one of the previous videos and articles that Fox decided to retract after threats from Monsanto.

Approximately 700 cases have been filed against Monsanto for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. As the chemical continues to gain traction in the eyes of the public. People want to know the truth, we deserve to know what we are ingesting.

Case Count continues to rise against Monsanto.

It’s easy to see that a government body such as the EPA could simply be manipulated. Then again a gigantic corporation like this has the money keep things under wraps for a few more years. They have amazing marketing campaigns, the best lawyers and a think tank.

If someone did have enough money to perform the research everyone needs, against the proper number of test subjects, etc. I would think that by the time it was over Monsanto would know and have several oppositions in place. People and farmers lined up to take on some benefit for pro bono bashing. They would have you in court for years, in an effort to bankrupt you or discredit you.

Personally, I tend to lean to those who are unattached to the industry in some sense. Those who are retired. The people who are passionate and smart.  In the end, it’s okay to be wrong. We just need to shape the world into a better tomorrow. A place where I can leave and my children can have a few more truths and a better future.

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